"Winter pressures" now extend all year round – how does your A&E perform and is your performance consistent? With our app it can be.

View your Financial information to manage your budgets effectively with just a few clicks.

Easily identify and develop robust procurement strategies for the delivery of the non-pay element of Cost Improvement Plans.

Healthintell delivers a series of useful, and award winning, NHS Business Intelligence (BI) applications to the NHS. Our NHS BI applications provide NHS organisations with the ability to monitor and manage their position to improve efficiencies and performance to deliver better patient care.

Developed by the NHS, delivered to the NHS our applications use sophisticated algorithms to provide NHS organisations with a real-time view of their current position to identify areas for improvement and, if necessary, influence changes in behaviour.

Whether your goal it is to meet national targets consistently, get a better handle on your budgets or to improve efficiencies our NHS BI applications can provide you with up-to-date and relevant information to inform decisions, improve outcomes and meet your Trust objectives.

Each app is developed with input from relevant stakeholders within the NHS so you can be sure that the information you need to see in your report is included. Not only that, our NHS BI applications comply with NHS Information Governance Assurance Framework (IGAF) standards and are fully compliant for use within an NHS environment.

Healthintell NHS BI applications provide clear visibility to help Trusts:
Monitor performance
Plan resources
Report easily

Influence changes in behaviour
Lead the way for better patient care
"I saw for myself how the new dashboard is improving the management of resources and empowering staff with up-to-date information and I am proud that my local Trust is leading the way"
Former Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Member of Parliament for Leigh and the Shadow Home Secretary.
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